Online Resources: Mockup Generators

Some time ago I wrote about customizing our mockups on GIMP, since not all designers own a license of Adobe Photoshop.

In the meantime I installed Windows and Adobe Photoshop, then decided to revert to Ubuntu Studio and GIMP, finding myself again in the need of creating mockups for some of my latest pieces. Although all resources listed on that post are still valid and interesting, I was wanting something more, like something that was even easier to customize and that offered me at least some of the flexibility that most of the mockup bundles offer to Adobe customers.

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Serendipity: unplanned, fortunate discovery. Such a wonderful concept, which I think it might be the ultimate reason why we are alive. Life itself it a huge serendipity, and all the little things that happen daily are in fact tiny reminders of what a great adventure we have in our hands.

Lunch break

One of my favourite ways of enjoying my lunchtime is to doodle something right after lunch. That’s how I unwind after a whole morning in front of the computer and also get ready for the afternoon.

How about you? How do you enjoy your lunch break? Tell me in the comments!