Art Of The Day – 27/04/2019

Yesterday I was working on a new sacred geometry art.

After tweaking a bit with the components of my new image, I came out with a very nice piece of fashion design.

Geometric, hypnotic art, depicting the explosion of an abstract supernova.

Glitch Art

Glitch art, such a young art style, celebrates the imperfect perfection within us, making us accept the fact that we are who we are also thanks to our mistakes.

Each one of these pieces were made using the technique of databending: the base image is either an original drawing or picture, then carefully manipulated with GIMP, Wordpad, and Audacity, an audio mixer.

Set Me Free Wall Mural (Society6, $299.99)
Home Sweet Home Canvas Print (Curioos, $59)
Progress Canvas Print (Society6, $98.99)
Left: Databending #1, right: Databending #2 Hidden Messages (Society6, $20)