What Inspires Me: J-Pop

I love J-Pop. This type of music brings me such joy, such warm fuzzy feelings, it makes me feel young, hopeful and, most of all, super happy 🙂

There are a couple of musicians that are my favourite ones, and everytime I watch to their videos I have a sort of Eureka! moment and get a strike of inspiration.

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Serendipity: unplanned, fortunate discovery. Such a wonderful concept, which I think it might be the ultimate reason why we are alive. Life itself it a huge serendipity, and all the little things that happen daily are in fact tiny reminders of what a great adventure we have in our hands.

Steering the boat

(A)Part | Acrylic Print (from $76.86), available at Pixels

It is time to kind of steer the boat to the right direction.

Artistically speaking, I mean.

I took something like one year of break – well, sort of -, since my creative juices were rather dry, and I didn’t have much of interest to say. I am one of those people that, in case of doubt, I would rather stay quiet. Continue reading

Lunch break

One of my favourite ways of enjoying my lunchtime is to doodle something right after lunch. That’s how I unwind after a whole morning in front of the computer and also get ready for the afternoon.

How about you? How do you enjoy your lunch break? Tell me in the comments!