Steering the boat

(A)Part | Acrylic Print (from $19.99), available at Society6

It is time to kind of steer the boat to the right direction.

Artistically speaking, I mean.

I took something like one year of break – well, sort of -, since my creative juices were rather dry, and I didn’t have much of interest to say. I am one of those people that, in case of doubt, I would rather stay quiet. Continue reading

What did I learn from my first Instagram & Facebook campaigns? 


(My journal. I write like a doctor, even if I’m an IT professional.)

Backstory: I ran a couple of Instagram and Facebook campaigns during the weekend, due to the Labor’s Day sale at my shop on Society6. I must admit it, I’ve always been a technician and all this marketing stuff was really not my cup of tea.

Until now. 🙂

Because of my shop and my art and the goal of becoming a full-time artist, it was about time that I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to broadcast my work to the world, aka you, my dear reader. Continue reading