Online Resources: Mockup Generators

Some time ago I wrote about customizing our mockups on GIMP, since not all designers own a license of Adobe Photoshop.

In the meantime I installed Windows and Adobe Photoshop, then decided to revert to Ubuntu Studio and GIMP, finding myself again in the need of creating mockups for some of my latest pieces. Although all resources listed on that post are still valid and interesting, I was wanting something more, like something that was even easier to customize and that offered me at least some of the flexibility that most of the mockup bundles offer to Adobe customers.

After a quick google I found Mockup Editor, an online mockup editor which became one of my favourites.

(Before going further with this post, I would like to emphasise that I am an user of this service, and as such I am going to describe it based on my own experience. In other words, this is not a paid advertisement in any way, form or shape.)

When opening it for the first time you will find a blank scene, like this.

Basically it is a wall art mockup, where one can showcase their art prints, but it is also more than that. It is possible to customize the style of the table, making it bigger, smaller, or changing the style and surface color. There are several backgrounds available, as props to add to the scene, and one can also upload their own.

Some of these props, like laptops and computer screens, accept custom images as well, so you can set up your wall art mockup and incidentally add some visual reference to your website, too.

Beam Of Light (Society6, $43.99)

You can save your mockups, mark them as favourites, directly export to Etsy or download them to your desktop or mobile phone.

My own Mockup Editor library

This service works on a subscription basis, namely one single download costs USD 5.00, whereas unlimited downloads have a cost that starts on USD 7.00/month.

Once you have gotten the hang of it, the possible ways to combine items to create your own scene is endless.

Glitch Art Collection (Society6)
Set Me Free | Art Print (RedBubble, starting from USD 14.01)
Miraggio | Poster (Society6, starting from $19.99)
Glitched Love | Metal Print (Society6, starting from $165.99)