Steering the boat

(A)Part | Acrylic Print (from $19.99), available at Society6

It is time to kind of steer the boat to the right direction.

Artistically speaking, I mean.

I took something like one year of break – well, sort of -, since my creative juices were rather dry, and I didn’t have much of interest to say. I am one of those people that, in case of doubt, I would rather stay quiet.

Now the well is filling again, and I feel like it is time to put out there all the crazy images and feelings that reside into my brain and hearts.

I also decided to take risks: for instance, I was brave enough to talk to folks who are in the art field waaaaaay longer than me, and I asked for their real, unfiltered feedback – there is nothing better than hearing from the senpais, I reckon.

In general it went out quite well: I learned a lot from them, and from myself as well – it turns out that I had a feeling that in 2019 I should dedicate more of my time to grow as an abstract impressionist artist, and if I got it right, from what I could gather from their feedback, this feeling is actually spot on.

(I still have a soft spot as big as the Alps for everything concerning glitch art, though, and I definitely want to take this route as well 😉)

Databending #2 (Hidden Messages) | Poster (from $19.99), available at Society6