Obviously, I’m living under a rock.

I am not much active lately, thanks to some tearing on my right shoulder (tendinitis SUCKS!). Because of this forced inactivity I didn’t create much, therefore I didn’t share much nor visited my profile at Polyvore.

Cue to my surprised face today, when I saw that half of my blog pages were not exactly active (i.e. broken links, missing images, the whole nine). Cue to my annoyed face when I clicked in one of these links and got redirect to a certain SSENSE. Cue to my rage when I actually figured out wth my pages look like crap and btw, wtf happened to all my data?

That being said, I ask for your patience for the days to come: this blog will be cleaned up asap, and all Polyvore posts will be redirected to Fashmates.com, where I created a new profile and imported all my old artboards.

Sorry for the inconvenience.