I Want To Talk About Something, Today. 


Why do I like this concept so much, about being in the right place at the right time and seize the moment in a way that something awesome just happens and lets one there, with a gaping mouth and a “wow!” stuck in their throat?

Well… I think that life and what surrounds us is so great and beautiful that, in all honesty, I don’t understand why exactly this concept seems to be like an unicorn.

I mean.

One’s lifespan is in average 60 years. If I don’t consider the childhood and teenage years, there are still something like 40 years to consider.

In 40 years, how much one can travel? How many people one can meet, how many relationships can be forged and torn apart? How many ramifications are there in a single day due to a single action or word?

I totally do not consider myself the wisest or most talented person out there. Heck, if I try to compare myself with all that great art that’s shared only on Instagram, for instance, I could put away my brushes and paint right away and pretend that I never wanted to be an artist full time. However, I believe that what I do is valid, nice and beautiful and it does reach others and it already touches other people’s hearts, which is my main goal.

I like to think that every time I get a new follower, be here or on my social media accounts, this is serendipity. When someone buys an item from my shops, this is serendipity. Like being at the right place on the right moment for someone who’s looking for something like what I create.

But then, when I think about it a little bit more… Is this really serendipity or is this just sheer luck on both sides?

Serendipity or carpe diem?