Early Sightings Of Fall Or Why I Am Happy That I Forgot My Office Badge

I’m an early starter. Every day I begin working in Vienna at 6:00 AM, after 20 minutes of commuting from Baden, circa.

Today, however, as soon as I arrived at the office, I realised that I forgot my badge. Perhaps I was too sleepy or my caffeine didn’t kick in, yet – no idea. That meant I had to go back home by train to Lower Austria, pick up the badge (that I left on our coffee table, so it wasn’t lost if you know what I mean), then take the train back to Vienna.

Yeah, I wasn’t really happy with it. At all.

However – and here comes the point of my post -, I’m actually grateful for it. If I haven’t forgotten my office badge, I wouldn’t have to go back home and witness this sunrise at home…

or this sight of the art school, always in Baden.

I wouldn’t actually have to go back to the train station and have another glimpse of the Moon like this as well.

Bottom line? Happy accidents do happen.

Now I’m going to watch to some Bob Ross and his awesome lessons.