What did I learn from my first Instagram & Facebook campaigns? 


(My journal. I write like a doctor, even if I’m an IT professional.)

Backstory: I ran a couple of Instagram and Facebook campaigns during the weekend, due to the Labor’s Day sale at my shop on Society6. I must admit it, I’ve always been a technician and all this marketing stuff was really not my cup of tea.

Until now. 🙂

Because of my shop and my art and the goal of becoming a full-time artist, it was about time that I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to broadcast my work to the world, aka you, my dear reader.

These campaigns made me learn a couple of little but very valuable lessons:

  • I should not be afraid of putting myself out there. Yes, I know, it’s uncomfortable, there’s fear of rejection, of not being good enough and stuff of the sort. However, if I do not show my work to the potential audience – aka you and your friends, dear reader – it’s less likely that someone will actually take notice of what I do.
  • I should not be afraid of being rejected. Art is subjective.

Then there was also a couple of technical lessons, like build up a target group for my campaign (trial and error, trial and error, trial and error!), and the duration of the campaign itself.

Even writing this particular post makes me feel afraid of being rejected, I already hear the little evil voice at the back of my head shouting out these words:

How on Earth you do not know these things, Bee-Bee? I mean, you want to become an artist full-time and you do not know how to successfully market your work?!

Guess what? No, I don’t.

Nobody says that I cannot learn it, though.

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